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Legal advice

Our legal and tax advisor’s department is a modern law firm with experienced legal practitioners in various areas of civil law as well as competent translators with specialization working for the department.

Oyour specialist lawyers are always ready to provide you with comprehensive information of any kind and to provide you with all the documents you need legal support upon completion.

They will represent you in court, before any other administrative authority or in any other place. What is important; We translate our consulting work into German if you wish.  The business and official languages in the firm are Greek, Turkish, English, Russian and German.

Prosperoo legal advisors support companies / individuals and clients who intend to make capital investments in Germany and other countries.

Our central law firm is located in Berlin and works in close cooperation with the corporate law departments all over the world.

Fields of competence

•Medicine Law

•Civil Law – Real Estate – Construction – Investments

• Hotel title transition

• Rent a residential and commercial building.

• Children’s gift settlement

• Gift Settlement – Wills – Acceptance of Legacy.

• Property management

• Property rental and timeshare

• Hotel construction and repair orders.


• Hotel construction and repair orders. Property construction of shares.

• Genuine commitments and security

Business and Commercial Law – Corporate Law-Bank-Law

• Company law: articles of association, oral and written advice regarding the companies functioning and their contacts with foreign law firms; Subscription Minutes of the Society’s Board of Directors and General Meetings; Mergers and spin-offs.

• Insolvency law: bankruptcy proceedings, liquidator (defender) date, meeting of creditors, transformation and dissolution plans, corporate restructuring plans.

• Business leasing, corporate leasing contracts and compensations, rent correction, hotel leasing.

• Business contracts and agreements of any kind, cooperation of companies and joint venture formation, national and international sales / commercial agent contracts, complaints, and compensation.

•Public law

• Taxes, companies and individuals’ taxation. International tax law.

• Double taxation agreements.

• Government projects, public institutions law, public-private partnership.

• Urban planning and building law.

• Forestry and environmental legislation.

• Energy systems Law – renewable energy sources.

•Immigration law

•Residence permit

Preparation of documents and legal assistance with the competent bodies (Directorates of the Ministry of the Interior, Public Administration and Decentralisation, Municipalities, Immigration Directorates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or Police Immigration Departments).

Types of residence permits for entrepreneurs:

• Dependent employment or the provision of services or work.

• Seasonal employment.

• Corporate executives.

• Temporary travel for the provision of services.

• Athlete-coach.

• Members of artist groups.

• inventors.

• Members of schools of archaeology.

Residence permits for self-employed economic activity:

• Independent economic activity. • Development of investment activity