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Start-up your Business in Germany

Startup consulting – the important step towards sustainable success

Start your business in Germany successfully with our support. We have already accompanied more than 170 start-ups. In addition to a good and viable idea, successful founders in Germany need a market in which the young company will position itself well in the long term. Especially in the initial phase of a new company, it is important to set the right course in order to put the company on the road to success.

Before the foundation, a feasibility analysis is carried out to determine the potential of the business idea and whether it is suitable for long-term performance on the market.

We will create and validate a business and financial plan for you. This is intended to convince potential investors. In addition, risks are identified so that stumbling blocks can be identified and eliminated at an early stage.

Before setting up a company, financing must be secured, either through a bank, investors, crowdfunding, or public funding. In addition, the equity and the own contribution must be determined. Likewise, it is now determined in which form the company is to be managed, as a partnership or corporation. This decision has far-reaching consequences for the future. Therefore, this decision cannot be made without extensive advice.