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Digital Law Firm

We support you on your way to paperless accounting so that your accounting is well positioned for the future. We are happy to assist you in setting up and using Datev companies online, Lexoffice or other third-party providers.

Start-up consulting

We advise you on the choice of legal form and accompany you competently in the implementation of your decision. Together we develop a financial plan for the first years, as well as liquidation and profitability plans with cost and earnings developments. We are happy to assist you in drafting and drafting articles of association and articles of association, managing director employment contracts and other employment contracts. If necessary, we also accompany you to the notary appointment, take part in financing discussions and investor rounds with you. You have the idea, we support you from the first tax registration to the last declaration after the sale of the company!

Transformation & structural consulting

Would you like to switch from a sole proprietorship to a GmbH, keyword Flattax? You already have several companies that you want to manage uniformly, keyword holding structure? Do you want to control more actively? We are happy to advise you on conversion, contribution and spin-off, holding structures and other legal ways of saving taxes. Talk to us!

Corporate & private tax returns

No matter whether you are an employee, self-employed or entrepreneur. We are happy to prepare your tax return, advise competently on all questions and strategic needs and, of course, maintain contact with the tax office at eye level.

Payroll & Financial Accounting

We take care of the complete payroll and financial accounting and the transmission of all data to the tax and social security authorities. On request, we support you legally, as well as tax-wise, in the drafting of employment contracts and their implementation.

Company succession

We advise you legally and tax on inheritance law consequences as well as on the drafting of wills, inheritance agreements, waiver of compulsory portion and marriage contracts. We are also happy to review your articles of association and pay particular attention to the coordination with necessary wills. If necessary, we adapt the contracts.

Annual accounts We take care of the entire preparation of the annual financial statements for you and support you in optimisation decisions. On request, we support you in financing discussions with your house bank. Of course, we can also publish the annual financial statements in the Federal Gazette.