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Visa – Blue Card – Recognition of studies and other documents

We accompany companies and individuals throughout the entire immigration process. To make the process as quick and unproblematic as possible, we are happy to advise you already in the initial phase of your project. This includes questions about the drafting of employment contracts, calculation of income tax & social security, relocation as well as family reunification.

We advise you on the different categories of national visas and prepare the necessary documents with you for the appointment to apply at an embassy/consulate. Throughout the entire process you will be accompanied by one of our lawyers and represented accordingly before the authorities.

Astropel international consulting specializes in the field of residencies in Germany and Greece.

Our legal and tax advisor’s department consists of our internal modern law firm with experienced legal practitioners in various areas of civil law as well as competent translators working for the department.

Our specialist lawyers are always ready to provide you with comprehensive information of any kind and to provide you with all the documents you need legal support upon completion.

We will represent you in court, before any other administrative authority or in any other place. What is important; We translate our consulting work into German if you wish.  The business and official languages in the firm are Greek, Turkish, English, Russian and German.

Astropel legal advisors support companies / individuals and clients who intend to make capital investments in Germany, Greece, and other countries.

Our central law firm is located in Berlin and works in close cooperation with the corporate law departments all over the world.

* Investment in local business

* Visa and residence permit for the purchase of a property 

* Visa and residence permit for the purchase of a company