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Residence permits in Germany

In addition to the visa for entry, the Residence Act provides for the following residence permits:

  • Residence permit (temporary)
  • EU Blue Card (temporary)
  • ICT card (temporary)
  • Mobile ICT card (temporary)
  • Settlement permit (indefinite)
  • Permit for permanent residence-EU (indefinite)

Types of residence permits for entrepreneurs

• Dependent employment or the provision of services or work

• Seasonal employment

• Corporate executives

• Temporary travel for the provision of services

• Athlete-coach

• Members of artist groups

• inventors

• Members of schools of archaeology

 • Residence permits for self-employed economic activity:

• Independent economic activity

• Development of investment activity

Stay in Germany as a foreigner

In order to enter Germany legally and stay there legally, you need a residence permit. There are different residence titles: visa (temporary), residence permit (temporary), EU Blue Card (temporary), settlement permit (permanent) and EU permanent residence permit (permanent).

in 3 years for a permanent residence permit

You can apply for a permanent settlement permit after three years. The prerequisite for this is that your company has successfully established itself on the market and that you can secure the livelihood for yourself and your family members from the income.

Temporary residence permits in Germany 2022


  • Five years in possession of a residence permit. You must have been in possession of a residence permit for five years.
  • Securing livelihoods. …
  • Pensions. …
  • Health insurance. …
  • No crimes. …
  • Sufficient knowledge of German. …
  • Basic knowledge of the legal and social system.

The difference between residence permit and settlement permit

The settlement permit was introduced by the Immigration Act as a residence title in addition to the residence permit. In contrast to the residence permit, the settlement permit is a permanent residence permit.

Get a permanent residence in Germany

If you have held a residence permit in Germany for at least five years without interruption, you may be granted a permanent residence permit under certain conditions.

Other kind of Residencies

We introduced a procedure to obtain residence permits, which can be renewed every five (5) years, for owners of real estate by third-country citizens,the value of which exceeds €250.000, adopting a friendlier stance towards those who wish to own real estate property. This guide provides information on thepreconditions, the process and the supporting documentation required to obtain these residence permits. It also addresses important questions regarding this new type of residence permit for owners of real estate property.