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Digital Marketing

At Astropel, we offer two fundamental services aimed at strengthening brands’ presence in the digital world and securing measurable successes: “Digital Advertising Management” and “Social Media Management”. In both services, we deeply understand the interaction between brands and their target audiences, customizing advertising and social media strategies accordingly. We continually monitor advertising and social media campaigns, utilizing our clients’ budgets effectively to maximize efficiency, and aim to highlight them in their industries with dynamic marketing solutions. At Astropel, while enabling our clients to focus on their business, we provide all the necessary support to reach their marketing goals and jointly shape their success in the digital realm.

Digital Advertising Management

Under our Digital Advertising Management service at Astropel, we conduct comprehensive analyses to understand our clients’ target audiences down to the finest detail. With this information, we meticulously select the most suitable advertising formats and channels for them. We design advertising campaigns to maximize our clients’ brand awareness tailored to their target audiences. By continuously monitoring campaign performance and providing advanced analyses and regular reports, we shape advertising strategies. Astropel’s digital advertising management not only assists in strengthening the online presence of brands but also ensures the highest efficiency from advertising investments. While our clients focus on their businesses, we work to facilitate their growth and expand their customer base. We position each advertising move to effectively reach set goals

Social Media Management

With the Astropel Social Media Management service, we thoroughly understand the behaviors, preferences, and needs of our clients’ target audiences and develop personalized social media strategies for the brand based on this information. We lead the creation of engaging content and enhance their visibility by increasing interactions on social media platforms. We closely track social media performance and provide the necessary data to continuously improve campaign success. With Astropel, our clients can lighten the load of social media strategies and find opportunities to increase brand loyalty. Thus, we solidify our clients’ presence on social media and facilitate more effective outreach to their target audiences. We provide all the necessary analyses and monitoring to ensure the success of social media campaigns, actively supporting our clients in achieving their marketing objectives.

Graphic Design Management

Our multiple European award winning creative design team is specialized in brand identity design, editorial design, creative concept generation and execution across all form and media: paper, digital, video arts and spaces… We believe that good design should tackle business problems in a smart, elegant but also effective way. We aim to become the creative partner of your team by exploring fresh ideas while always focusing on punchy outcomes. We explore, we challenge, we care about outstanding work.